ZX Resurrectrum: X-Com creator attempts to Kickstart Chaos Reborn

The creator of X-com: UFO Defense and UFO: Enemy Unknown is attempting to Kickstart a reboot of the 1985 turn-based strategy RPG Chaos called Chaos Reborn.

The original Chaos came out on the ZX Spectrum almost 25 years ago, and if my math is right (and my math is ALWAYS right) it’s even older than Wasteland, ineXile’s post-apocalyptic strategy game (one of my personal favorites!)


I’ve already backed it. I couldn’t help it; he had me at “Wizard Tactics.” He also mentions a list of bullet points which I am MUCH less interested in (wizards are cooler than bullets) but here they are anyway.

  • Quick playing, turn-based combat. Battles typically last 10-30 minutes.
  • 80 unique spells, including 24 creatures – from dragons to goblins – fully animated in the 3D Unity Engine.
  • Classic spells from the original Chaos – including the Gooey Blob, Raise Dead, and Magic Wood.
  • Bluff and deception – summon creatures as illusions for 100% success, and use Disbelieve spell on suspected enemy illusions.
  • Manipulate the balance of the Cosmos between Law and Chaos to your advantage.
  • Procedurally generated 3D battle arenas with various types of terrain, and different levels of elevation.
  • Multiple game modes, including Classic Chaos mode – fully random battle set-up with random selection of spells.
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