Chrono Trigger Symphony 3 Revives Misuda’s Classic Themes



If you’ve ever played Squaresoft’s 16-bit role playing masterpiece, Chrono Trigger, chances are the sweeping soundtrack to that game has been burned into your very marrow. Yasunori Mitsuda’s timeless score fit Crono & company’s time-spanning quest like a well-worn adventurers glove. Now, prepare to be taken back to some of the most iconic moments in the game with   Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3. This just-released album was performed by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra and features over 40 minutes stunningly orchestrated renditions of the classic Chrono Trigger soundtrack.

This collection of pieces from the critically acclaimed SNES epic includes some of the most memorable tracks from the game including the rock-meets-big-brass “Tyrano Lair,” the heartbreaking piano and strings arrangements of  “Depth of the Night,” and the serene and beautiful “Shala’s Theme” and of course, the pumping final battle and iconic ending sequence themes.

The full track listing for Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3 is as follows:

01. “Singing Mountain”
02. “Tyrano Lair”
03. “Depths of the Night”
04. “Corridor of Time”
05. “Zeal Palace”
06. “Schala’s Theme”
07. “Sealed Door”
08. “Ocean Palace”
09. “Crono & Marle – A Distant Promise”
10. “Wings of Time”
11. “Black Omen”
12. “Determination”
13. “World Revolution”
14. “Final Battle”
15. “Festival of Stars”
16. “Epilogue – To Good Friends”
17. “Outskirts of Time”

“The biggest challenge I faced was how to get through 300 hours of orchestrating a favourite soundtrack of mine without becoming sick of hearing it,” reflects Blake Robinson. “But the opposite is true; I appreciate and enjoy the music more than ever. I hope that my passion for the game and its music shows in my work, and that you enjoy listening to the albums as much as I have orchestrating them.”

Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 3 is now available on Loudr and iTunes for $7.99.

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