Monthly Archives: January 2014

Introducing Smash Daily, Feat. StarKun and Guest Star Lucario

Hello everybody, this is Tyler speaking, but you can also call me Star! I am going to start writing news articles and reviews with the rest of the team, and I’m very happy to be part of the group. I was thinking that as a new writer here, I…

Legend of Kay PSN Trailer Brings Kung Fu to Europe

Nordic Games title Legend of Kay will be making a return to battle. After first launching on Playstation 2, Kay and his friends are back for more kung-fu action on the Playstation Network in Europe starting today. The download is priced at £3.99, and includes the entirety of the PS2 action adventure…

Silent Hill- Haunting Our Nightmares For 15 Years

Konami’s survival horror classic turns 15 today.   Ah, Silent Hill. No matter how many ghosts I bust, zombie heads I smash like overly-ripe melons, and haunted manors I explore in pursuit of the finest virtual scares, Konami’s iconic fog-shrouded town will always feel like home to me. It’s…

A New Ouya, Just For You-ya

  But why didn’t they call it the Newya? We may never truly know the answer to this endlessly haunting question, but regardless. If you’ve been holding out on buying an Ouya, what with the talk of it’s internet issues, fairly small storage, and less-than-fantastic controller, the time to buy…

Loadout Unloads Onto Steam Today

Edge of Reality’s slapstick shooter unloads comical chaos on Steam today Austin-based studio Edge of Reality’s debut title, the over the top shooter, Loadout, will be blasting its way onto Steam today at 6pm GMT. This fast-paced, kinetic shooter features extremely mobile gunplay and an insane emphasis on weapon…

Dual Citizenship: Conception II Announced for Europe

  Hey baby, you wanna get lucky? And by get lucky, I do, in fact, mean make some babies with god powers so we can go fight evil monsters in a giant, vulvic labyrinth? You wanna do that? …Where are you going? …okay. : ( Trying to get a…

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