Monthly Archives: December 2013

Rayman Jungle Run Is Now Free On App Store

Rayman Jungle Run is now free on the Apple’s App Store.  For those of you who haven’t yet given Ubisoft’s limbless hero’s auto-running adventure a shot, now’s the best  time to download the game for you iPhone or iPad.  It’s unclear how long this colorful sprint through the hazardous…

Microsoft Files Trademark For New IP “Throne Together”

  Microsoft seem to be making good on their promise of creating new IPs for the Xbox One. On December 19th the company submitted the trademark application for a new game titled “Throne Together” to the United States Patent & Trademark Office, with the application being listed on the…

Fan-made Pokemon Tabletop Game Emerges in the Wild

Earlier today, Reddit user menace64 posted the culmination of four months of hard work. Inspired by the long-lost Star Wars miniatures game by Wizards of the Coast, this full-fledged game includes not only all 700+ Pokemon, but an individual card for each different form of a Pokemon, such as…

100 Turn Hero To Land On Japanese App Store January 17

Half-Minute Hero designer Kotaro Yoshida announces new adventure. Did Half-Minute Hero’s hyperactive and zany take on the Role Playing genre pull you in back when it landed on the PSP in 2009? If so, you might want to keep an eye on 100 Turn Hero, the latest game from Half-Minute…

Gemini Rue Review (PC)

Unified Parallel. Are we nothing but a construct of our memories? Now there’s a loaded question. We remember people, and experiences, that we attribute to changes in who we are. But how much of that is really true? Gemini Rue takes an intelligent look at this question in a…

Santa Jay’s Youtube Garbage Sack, 2013

Happy holidays, one and all! This Christmas is pretty lax for my family and I, so I thought I would take the time to bring some holiday ridiculousness into the life of anyone else killing their afternoon on the internet. I have found that Youtube is, both intentionally and…

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