More World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor info from Blizzcon

Blizzcon came to a close this weekend, but only after delivering us exciting news about their amazing games, from Diablo III to Starcraft. One game in particular however, stood above the rest with the announcement of it’s fifth expansion pack. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is taking us to the world of Draenor, specifically an alternate reality where the Outlands never parted from the planet. Here are all of the features announced so far.


  • You can invite friends to your Garrison when you are there
    • Can grab a group of followers and do stuff with friends
    • A full raid-amount of guildies can be in your Garrison at once
    • Smaller Buildings: Smithy, Enchanter’s Study, Alchemy Lab, Scribe’s Office, Engineering Works, Storehouse, Salvage Yard, Tannery, Tailoring Studio, and Jewelcrafting
    • Medium Buildings: Pet Stable, Inn, Lumber Mill, Trading Post, and Barn.
      • Pet stable will allow you to breed pets. Basically a Pokémon Daycare.
    • Large Buildings: Mage Tower, Armory, Stable, Infirmary, Barracks, and Academy.
      • These buildings are Warcraft III buildings and are very important. Ex. Barracks increases followers you can have in your Garrison.
    • Blueprints for buildings are found all over the world. They can be obtained from Quests to random drops.
    • In order to level up your Garrison, you will need to fill all of the plots.
    • When a Garrison grows, it gets new stats. So mining might go from 5% -> 10%.
    • There are many missions available. You can send followers to do Quests, Scenarios, Dungeons, and Raids. Some may be more powerful than others, or have certain abilities that would give the group an extra bonus on the mission.
    • Remember – You will be able to walk around your Garrison and interact with the followers there. It’s much more than just a map UI.


Garrison UI



  • There will be 2 Raids at launch – Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul, with 10 and 6 bosses respectively.
    • Blackrock Foundry will have 3 wings, and be non-linear, similar to Ulduar raid.
  • As reported, there are no longer 10-man and 25-man raids. 20-man raids, known as Mythic, are now the raid level at which you progress.
    • Everything below Mythic difficulty is Flexible, meaning you can have anywhere between 10 and 25 people in the raid, and the enemies will scale to that amount.
    • Normal is the old Flexible, Heroic is the old Normal, and Mythic is the old Heroic.
  • Each difficulty now has a separate lockout.
  • From launch, raids will be available across realms.
  • Drops change based on the number of people in the raid. With more people, there is a higher percentage for extra drops.


Changes in Raid Structure

Changes in Raid Structure


Items and Gear

  • Item Squish!
    • Due to how abnormally large the numbers have gotten since WoLK, Blizzard is finally squishing these numbers down.
      • Ex. Someone who may have 490k health now will have around 30k once WoD launches.
      • Note: This item squish will NOT affect your ability to do old content. An enemy in MoP that took five hits to kill before the item squish will still take five hits to kill after the item squish.
  • No more dodge, parry, hit and expertise.
  • No more reforging
    • Blizzard found it annoying that players would have to reforge all of their gear once receiving a new piece, just to make it to hit cap or something similar.
  • More enchantments, but less items that can be enchanted.
  • Gems will become more powerful and exciting, but fewer items will be able to hold them
    • Meta gems and socket bonuses are gone
  • You will no longer need different gear for different specs.
    • Ex. I am a Blood Death Knight and for that I need Tank gear. If I wanted to go Frost, I would need DPS gear. Now, all armor CHANGES when I change specs. So my Tank gear would turn into DPS gear when changing from Blood to Frost.
  • Quest Items sit in the quest UI instead of cluttering bags.
  • Heirlooms, Toys and hopefully Tabards will be available on every character account wide.
    • If you purchase Heirlooms on your main character on one server, you’ll be able to access those same Heirlooms on another server. This is great for players who have friends on different servers and want to level easily.
  • ANY quest will have a rare chance of rewarding you with an Epic for your character





  • Many UI updates
    • The quest log and the map are now one window
  • More dynamic events similar to Timeless Isle.
    • Multistage events, random challenges, wandering raid bosses, and more.
  • Optional Content will be labeled as such. Players can follow the main storyline of the expansion or do the many side quests available.


  • Off the coast of Tanaan Jungle, there is a new world PvP zone, similar to Wintergrasp and Tol Barad.
    • However, it has one distinct difference – the battle has no distinct beginning or end.
    • The battle offers evolving objectives for each team to participate in.
    • There are creatures to summon and have fight for you, items to be gathered to help defeat the enemy, and many more actions on quite a few different levels.
    • You’ll automatically receive objectives when joining the battle, depending on the status of it.
    • The number of players and number of faction members in the zone will NOT be capped. And, because of the cross-realm functionality, the potential number of players will be larger than ever.
  • Battleground Improvements
    • The scoreboard is being updated to provide more information on your performance in a Battleground.
    • There will be a Battleground score which is bases on things like kills, healing, and more.
    • Flag timers and other objective timers will be viewable on the map. It is to make it easier to identify the time until an objective is completed.
    • Winning in Battlegrounds could give players extra random rewards, such as armor, consumables, and more.
  • Trial of the Gladiator
    • Similar to the Arena Tournament Realm.
    • Players can purchase enchants, gear, and gems from a vendor for these Trials
    • Players can only earn a rating during specific times on certain days. This helps players fight other players that have a similar amount of skill.



Many people are wondering a bit about the plot and how Draenor ties in with us after Garrosh escapes. The plot is similar to something from Back to the Future, and that answer is a split timeline. When Garrosh escapes to the past with the help of a new ally, they create a second timeline where he changes history. It doesn’t affect our timeline at all, until roughly two years after the events of 5.4, where the Iron Horde start to invade the land through the Dark Portal. Somehow along the timeline, Garrosh or maybe another entity, link the alternate timeline to the Dark Portal of the normal timeline, which is how they invade. To me, that makes the whole plot seem a lot more interesting and exciting!

It’s all very exiting! There are many features that I am looking forward to, especially the more adaptable Flex Raiding and the Garrisons. Nothing sounds cooler to me then running my own fort and sending followers out to do dirty work. What is your favorite feature? Post a comment down below!

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