Sidescroll your way through the five stages of GRiEF

GRiEF, brought to us by a handful of students located in Skövde, Sweden, is a game about a child. A small child who has just lost his father to cancer because of his long-term smoking habits. As any normal human being, this small child starts to go through the five stages of grief, hence the name. As you may know, the stages of grief represent different emotional phases a person experiences while grieving, and are known as Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

The game is played as a 2D sidescroller, and through the use of graphics, music and a compelling story, each stage of grief is represented in the game as a playable level. This, along with the game’s mechanics, are there to create an emotional experience for the player. The student’s goal while creating GRiEF was to show the world that games can be much more than just a toy, and can deliver an emotional experience as deep as a movie or a book.

GRiEF can be picked up on their official website for a cheap price of $1.99. For such a great looking and emotionally swallowing game, $1.99 is a steal, so I highly suggest checking the game out.


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