Valve Announces ‘Steam Controller’

Steam Contoller


First, there was SteamOS.

Then, there were Steam Machines.

Finally, today, there was the Steam Controller.

Following their previous two announcements of the week, Valve decided to shock the world with the reveal of their very own controller. First they built the interface, then the machine to hold it, but what was missing in the end was input. This is that solution.

Now, one look at the Steam Controller and you may be asking yourself: “…That’s a controller???” But rest easy fellow gamers, it is indeed a controller, and a great one indeed. The controller is intended to be used with ALL games available on Steam, including games not built with controller support. It is built with high-precision input technologies and focused on low-latency performance which is good for… things.




So first off you’ll notice that it does not have any analog sticks. Nothing. Just two smooth areas in a circular area. Well, that circular area is actually in fact a highly sensitive trackpad, designed to be driven by your very own thumbs. The trackpads will offer a high fidelity of input for the game that is being played, which now spawns across all types of genres. Even games that require a mouse and keyboard, such as Civ 5.

The controller also features a small touch screen, backed with a high-resolution screen. The screen will allow many actions to be taken by the player, including even pressing down on it like a button (because well… It’s a button too!) When you find the action you want on the touch screen, you press it down to hear that slight click you normally would when you hit a button, and your selection is made. The touch screen will offer many different forms of displays, but that is all up to the developer.

Here is an example of giving a game that already exists on Steam the bindings of the new Steam Contoller:




Interesting no? It is good to note that you won’t NEED to use the controller in the end. If you want to use a mouse and a keyboard, or another gamepad, you’ll still have that freedom to choose.

I for one am very excited and interested in Valve’s new Controller, and can only hope that I will be one of the 300 people chosen to try it in beta. These controllers will be given with the Steam Machines available in the quest.

What do you think of Valve’s announcements this week? Leave a comment in the comment section down below!

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