Konami unveals 14 minutes of Metal Gear Solid V gameplay

Konami has released a new 14 minute gameplay video of Metal Gear Solid V fresh from the showfloor of the Tokyo Game Show. Presented by Hideo Kojima himself, it seems Snake has taken some cues from Sam Fisher for his latest sneaking mission which takes place in the same Cuban prison camp featured in last year’s Meal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes reveal.

In the gameplay shown Snake sneaks his way into the perimeter of the heavily-fortified camp, using his binoculars to tag the base’s patrols. It’s immediately evident from the way our grizzled veteran slinks and creeps around the looming searchlights and patrolling soldiers that Metal Gear Solid V seems to handle much more gracefully than previous entries in the series. After knocking out a watch tower guard with a well-placed shot from his trusty tranquilizer gun, Snake busts the lock to the compound grounds and begins stealthily and meticulously dispatching his poncho-clad adversaries.

After liberating his target from the confines of the prison camp, Snake uses his handy new GPS map feature to call down a support chopper to extract to pair from the fortification. Calling in the chopper immediately gets the base defender’s attention as they begin to train their weapons on the incoming bird as it begins to make its descent on a mountainside near the base. It’s here we get a look at Metal Gear Solid V’s new “alert” mode. When spotted we still hear the trademark sound synonymous with the series, however, time also slows to a near-standstill before the alarm is raised, allowing Snake a moment to put a bullet between the eyes of his would-be attacker, cancelling the alert phase. While it’s unsure how much this will affect the game when it is released, from the footage shown it definitely looks like it could take an edge off of the tension we have grown to expect from the series, and we’re sure plenty of MGS purists will be rolling their eyes at the feature.

After making his way to the awaiting chopper, Snake tosses his “cargo” on the whirring machine and then returns to concentrate fire from a suppressed sub machine gun on a squad of soldiers who are trying to turn the fleeing commando into fish food. Snake drops a few of his assailants, then hops aboard the helicopter, laying waste to many of the base’s key structures by firing volleys of lead into conveniently-placed red barrels (when will those baddies learn?). When the coast is clear and half of Cuba has been incinerated by the volatile contents of those 50 gallon drums of pure apocalypse Snake closes the chopper doors, fastens on a spiffy Kojima Productions patch, and the demo comes to a close.

We have to say we’re impressed with just how much effort and refinement seems to have gone into making the aging Metal Gear formula feel more modern. While we’ve yet to see just how much the new open-world structure and alert system will effect the flow of the game.

Either way, one thing is for certain. We can’t wait to get our hands on Metal Gear Solid V.

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