Monthly Archives: September 2013

Assassin’s Creed IV “Pirate Heist” Trailer

What is that ship upon the distance? What sinister flag flies there? There be pirates coming for us, and they are nearly upon us. Lock away your valuables, yourself included. Assassin’s Creed IV sets sail on October 29th.

Kickstarter Watch: Europa 2022

Europa 2022 by Dayv Hack And thus we float, adrift, in a vast empty space, wondering what secrets the void holds…but we do not consider that on a universal scale, our entire planet of earth could be thought of as a single secret kept form other, similarly space-faring travelers. Such is…

Valve Announces ‘Steam Controller’

  First, there was SteamOS. Then, there were Steam Machines. Finally, today, there was the Steam Controller. Following their previous two announcements of the week, Valve decided to shock the world with the reveal of their very own controller. First they built the interface, then the machine to hold…

Valve Announces ‘Steam Machines’

For months, if not longer, Steam fans have been clamoring over the thought of a Steam Box. Imagine Steam, all wrapped in a semi-cheap package, bringing all the games purchased to your finger-tips right in your own living room. Well, after today, that dream will soon become a reality,…

Konami unveals 14 minutes of Metal Gear Solid V gameplay

Konami has released a new 14 minute gameplay video of Metal Gear Solid V fresh from the showfloor of the Tokyo Game Show. Presented by Hideo Kojima himself, it seems Snake has taken some cues from Sam Fisher for his latest sneaking mission which takes place in the same…

Inside Unreal- Character Aesthetics

In the latest episode of Inside Unreal Epic’s Jordan Walker and Zak Parrish offer a look into what went into crafting the characters in the stunning Unreal Engine 4 “Infiltrator” tech demo.

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