Circle Edge Launches Indiegogo Campaign to fund Epic 2D Fighter- Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm


What do you get when you lock three SNK alumni who happened to work on the King of Fighters in a room for six years? One hell of 2D fighting game, of course. In this case, it’s Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm. The team of ex-SNK talent has been working on this impressive looking low-res 2D fighting game for more than half a decade, and each and every time they show it it looks more and more refined. While Yatagarasu saw a PC release courtesy of Rice Digital back in 2011, it was never localized for Western audiences. Now, the team at Circle Edge hopes to have their dreams for this epic retro fighting game fully realized through the power of crowdfunding, allowing the team to finally give the game a proper localization, as well as add a slew of content and characters, making Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm the definitive classic fighting experience.


Circle Edge has launched an Indeigogo campaign to fund Yatagarasu, and the goals listed on the campaign page show just how ambitious this three man team is. Crafting a sprite-based fighter is extremely expensive and time consuming, and if the team reaches their goal of $68,000 they plan to add at least two new playable fighters to the game’s current roster of 8 diverse pugilists, though the team shows six potential candidates to be introduced to the fighting tournament on their indiegogo page, fleshing out the admittedly humble roster. Here are some of the characters and features the team will be bringing to Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm if the game reaches its funding goal.


New Character: Kazama Kotaro– This agile female warrior with a love for theater ( Voiced by Uchida Maaya (IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS, Holy Knight) She uses her lightning fast speed and midair throws to keep her opponents on the defensive. She has a love for opera and hopes one day to be a world-famous operetta star herself. Something tells me she’ll be making the opposition sing soprano with her blazing fast offensives.


New Character: Azure- This half-English and half-Arabian student of astronomy left his homeland when a terrible conflict erupted. He believes that that physical matter, emotions, and even religious faith can be boiled down to mathematical equations. We can’t wait to be laying down some algebraic ass whoopings with this platinum haired pugilist when the game is finally released.

Characters aside, here are some of the other features listed on the game’s campaign page that will make it to the game if funding is successful:

English Localization

Nyu Media will fully localize the game menus, text, dialogue and graphics into English.

English Language Dynamic Commentary

One of Yatagarasu’s standout features is the edgy commentary system and provides dynamic commentary in real time based on developments in the match. English commentary by pillar of the Fighting Game Community jchensor and one other famous overseas FGC member (to be announced!) will be added!

New, High Quality Graphics

Circle Edge Plans to enhance to stylish brawler with brand new graphics by Yatagarasu dev team member Kotani:Tomoyuki.

Improved Online Support

Circle Edge will add error resolution and high speed networking, making matches even more seamless. If the team meets its stretch goals then even hope to add full GGPO support to the title. A new team play function will be added, so you can fight team versus team matches. A new “My Icon” function will be added that allows players to display their own custom badges.


Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm is certainly shaping up to be a gorgeous two-dimensional love letter to classic fighting fans penned by a team of developers who experienced the genre in its prime. We’re extremely hopeful this project is successfully funded. The company is offering a variety of rewards to contributors who help fund the game, including bonus digital art, a custom joystick and a thee-day trip to Tokyo.

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards Circle Edge is offering fans who contribute to the funding of Yatagarasu


If you’re a fan of classic fighting games and would like to see this ambitious tournament fighter come to fruition, stop on by the Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm indiegogo page and show your support. If the game is successfully funded, the team hopes to have this stellar looking fighter in our grubby mitts come around February. There’s just 23 days left to complete funding though, so if you plan to pledge, don’t hesitate. With any luck we’ll be spending next spring slugging it out in two-dimensional bliss.

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