Check Out New Pokemon and Characters in Newest CoroCoro Scans

The newest issue of CoroCoro, Japan’s Pokemon-centric magazine, has brought us a look at some more of the new Pokemon and characters we can expect to see in Pokemon X and Y this October. A full gallery of scans can be found below. As for the new information on the stuff you’ll see there, here’s what we know:

  • Typings have been confirmed for Xerneas and Yveltal. For those who don’t recall, Xerneas is the deer running a Princess Mononoke motif, and Yveltal is the huge menacing bird. Xerneas is confirmed to be pure Fairy-type, while Yveltal is Dark/Flying. Pure speculation, but I think the Fairy/Dark duality is probably something we’ll see more of throughout the game. Xerneas is classified as the life Pokemon, and Yveltal is the destruction Pokemon. They have exclusive moves, Geo Control and Death Wing, respectively.
  • The enormous panda who appears to have a hangover is called Goronda in Japan. He’s a dark/fighting type who apparently evolves through an as-of-yet undisclosed new evolution method. He evolves from Pancham, and yes, he does appear to have a giant furry cape. Yes, that is awesome.
  • The two mildly creepy squid Pokemon have the Japanese names Maika, the revolution Pokemon, and it’s evolution, Karamanero, the reversal Pokemon. Both are Dark/Psychic, and sport a new dark-type move called Turn Over, which reverses the distribution of all stat changes. Maika’s evolution also involves a new method.
  • The sword Pokemon is the recently revealed Honedge, a Ghost/Steel type. It is confirmed to have the No Guard ability.
  • The pink bird that looks exactly like Biyomon is Shushupu, the perfume Pokemon. It is a Fairy-type, and has the new Healer ability, details of which are still unknown.
  • The nondescript white puffball is Peropuff, the cotton candy Pokemon, proving taht Pokemon based off food can actually look pretty okay. Peropuff is another new Fairy-type, and has the ability Sweet Veil and the attack Drain Kiss.
  • Shushupu and Peropuff are exclusive to Y and X respectively, as are previously revealed Seahorse Pokemon Skrelp and Crab Pokemon Clauncher.
  • A new professor, Professor Platane, is introduced. he will occasionally battle you to test your skills. His name is based on the platanus genus of trees, keeping up the motif from the previous professors in the series. (Oak, Rowan, Juniper, ect.)
  • The gym leader with robot arms is named Citron, and the dancer is known as Zakuro. Neither of their types are yet known.
  • The new evil orginization is called Team Flare. Their goals appear to be solely to exploit Pokemon for financial gain.
  • The new Pokemon Search System, or PSS, has some cool new features. It acts as the game’s trading hub, features a stream of any official announcements and events in the game, and has a feature called Miracle Trade, the details of which are not yet known. The system can also update with the achievements of friends in their games. You can also collect small power bonuses and modifiers to give small bonuses to your Pokemon in battle.

Check out the gallery below, and let us know. Which version are you getting, based on the exclusives we know so far? Who is your favorite of the new Pokemon revealed? (I’m actually a big fan of the squids, myself) Let us know in the comments below!

Jay Petrequin started writing at HeyPoorPlayer in the summer of 2012, but first got his start writing for It's Super Effective, a Pokemon podcast that happened to be a reflection of two of his biggest interests: pocket monsters, and making people listen to him say things.

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