Atlus Delivers Deep Savings Across Sony Store



Today Atlus announced that many of the games in its PSN catalog are receiving crazy discounts. Just how crazy you ask? Much of their library of digital offerings has been slashed to just of quarter of their original price. This 75% off sale likely won’t last long, so grab some of this budget-friendly gaming goodness while you can.

Here’s a breakdown of the games being offered at deep discounts:

It’s unknown if this digital fire sale is a frenzied move to help save the Japanese developer’s embattled parent company Index Holdings who faces some serious legal ramifications for their shady accounting practices, but regardless, I’ll take Trine 2 for less than four bones. Those are some serious savings for some highly praised titles. Be sure to snatch them up quick before the sale ends.

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  • N4GCrossingEden

    What’s the point? Xbox One will destroy everything Sony has to offer.

    Time to pony up the dough and just buy an Xbox One, guys. You keep lying to yourself if you think Sony will make a comeback.
    Also, Nintendo = LOL – what a fail of a console.

    • Ragna The bloodedge

      Wow “N4GCrossingEden” you are blind as fuck. No Nintendo is still cool regardless of what your pansy waste ass thinks. Xbox DONE is more like the term since so many gamers have made up their minds due to Microsoft’s BIG Fuck up, and their bad PR. Why tell everyone to buy an Xbox ONE when Microdick still hasn’t apologized for their previous actions.

      SONY will make a serious comeback and it’s begun. Look at the number of how many PS4’s are being pre-ordered and how much Xbox DONE isn’t going to sell the numbers Xbox 360 has.

      • odoylerules000

        Ragna, Who can Sony make a comeback against the xbox when they’re already in the lead?
        Also, best to just ignore N4GCrossingEden….. His mom was a crack fiend so it kind of messed up his development… We all just try to be nice to him cause he’s a retard.

        • Francis DiPersio

          While I think it’s certainly too early to say definitively who is going to come out on top in the next gen (Protip- It won’t be Nintendo), I do think it goes without saying that Microsoft is going to be playing catch-up this holiday season due to their abundant gaffes regarding the Xbone.

          I’m here for the games, not the hardware manufacturers, but even still I know for certain my money is going to Sony this holiday season.

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