Monthly Archives: June 2013

Hotline Miami Brings Blood, Bats, and Horse Heads to Playstation 3 and Vita Today

Hotline Miami, the award winning, ultraviolent, top down indie action game from Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital is now available on Playstation 3 and Sony Vita. This blood-soaked tour de force through a neon saturated 8-bit rendition of Miami retails for $9.99, and is available as a Cross-Buy purchase,…

Remember Me: The Pandora Archive Released As Ebook

Say whatever you think about Capcom’s recently released game Remember Me, but one thing for sure is how meticulously well-written the games world and backstory are. The game’s story was my personal favorite part of the game, and I’m sure I’m not alone. For those wanting a little more…

The Technology of War- Battlefield 4 Devs Detail Frostbite 3

Watch as the developers at DICE showcase just what the bleeding-edge tech behind the Frostbite™ 3 Engine can do. Powering the upcoming Battlefield 4, Frostbite™ 3 is capable of dynamically changing the flow of battle with features such as Levolution, which allows the shape of the battlefield to shift with…

For the Love of Blood and Money-PayDay 2 Web Series Episode 2

PayDay 2’s gang of heavily-armed lowlifes have their backs against the wall in the second episode of this graphic web series directed by Demian Lichtenstein. The gang has made it into the bank’s vault and secured a handsome sum of greenbacks, but our band of trigger-happy cons are in…

Sunday Shenanigans: Name That Game

Well, it’s that time again Poor Players. With the weekend drawing to a close we’ve once again dusted off the patented Pixel Grinder™ and fed it a heaping helping of pulpy pixels. Do you have what it takes to sift through the wreckage we’ve wrought upon this screenshot and…

Turning Over a New Leaf- Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

The ever expansive world of Animal Crossing New Leaf, where you, the mayor and pride of has so much to do in it. You can spend hours hunting down each bug, spend days digging up each prehistoric fossil, or even weeks created your own designs to…

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