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Thomas Was Alone Review (PC)

Minimalism Maximized I first got interested in writing because I always found it fascinating the ways in which people told stories. Regardless of the form in which the story is told, be it book, film, or game, the act of storytelling is something of an art in of itself.…

Saints Row IV- Ten Minutes of Presidential Mayhem

The Saints Row series has never taken itself very seriously. From its humble roots as a stylish GTA clone the series has evolved into over-the-top levels of excess, prominently featuring such oddities as lucha libre mafiosi and the ability to engage in skydiving gunbattles in your birthday suit. Never…

A Hat in Time, the 3D collect-a-thon platformer, successfully funded on Kickstarter

Ah, A Hat in Time. I’ve been very excited about this game since the moment I discovered it a few months ago. It’s a collect-a-thon platformer, and it reminds me a lot of Banjo-Kazooie, which is exactly what they are aiming for. Gears for Breakfast, the geniuses behind the…

Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Celebrates 25 Years of Sneaking Success

Konami Digital Entertainment Inc, today released a trailer for Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection. Originally shown at the company’s booth at the Electronics Entertainment Expo, the brief trailer features a montage of memorable moments from the now quarter century old series. Releasing on July 9th, the Legacy Collection…

id Software President Todd Hollenshead Steps Down

Today id Software’s president, Todd Hollenshead, has stepped down from his leadership position at the company to pursue other interests. The news first broke when IGN reported Hollenshead’s departure in a statement issued to the site by Bethesda. “After many years with the studio, Todd Hollenshead decided to leave…

Sounds of the Triad- Composer Lee Jackson Returns For Rise of the Triad Reboot

It’s been a few months since we last got to talk about Interceptor Games’ upcoming reboot of Apogee Software’s 1994 FPS classic, Rise of the Triad. Today we are happy to report that it has been confirmed in the latest Rise of the Triad Production Diary that the game’s…

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