Yearly Archives: 2010

Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light (Xbox 360)

Boobtastic Brilliance Chances are that if you’re a thirtysomething male gamer like myself, you remember Boob Rai… uh, Tomb Raider, being released for the original Playstation in the ’90’s. You’ll also remember Tomb Raider II. And Tomb Raider III. Then Tomb Raider: Underworld. Tomb Raider: Underwear. Tomb Raider: The…

The Eternal Question: Platformer vs. RPG (Part III)

C’mon, admit it. You don’t even know what Worlds two or three look like.

X-Men Arcade Game Review (Xbox 360)

X Marks the Spot? Konami hit on a good thing when they snatched up the video game rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and put out its arcade game for it. Little did they know that they’d be setting up the gravy train for years to come. The TMNT…

Donkey Kong Junior Retro Review (Arcade)

I can't lie. I wasn't a part of the golden days of arcade gaming. Hell, my birth alone in 1983 is actually the cataclysmic event that caused the video game crash of the '80s. While the world was infatuated with...

The Eternal Question: Platformer vs. RPG (Part II)

For a while, it seemed like the heyday was over for Platformers and RPGs. The First Person Shooter, the new kid in school, had taken the stage. And really, how could you blame us for forgetting our old friends, the platformer and the RPG?

The Eternal Question: Platformer vs. RPG (Part I)

At risk of sounding like a pariah on a gaming site, I really have no desire to play Call of Duty or Halo. In a videogame world dominated by FPS shooters (I’m looking at you Halo players), there have always been two stalwart standbys for me. Thankfully, I had…

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