Let’s Play: Shadwen

And now: Jay loses his mind over time-stopping mechanics.   That’s right; it’s Let’s Play time. We’re taking a look at Shadwen, a stealth action game by Frozenbyte. Shadwen is available now…

Let’s Play: Blacksea Odyssey

This Old Man enjoys fishing in his twilight years, and he’s harpooning Elder Gods in space.   I take on the star-sailing new roguelike styled SHMUP: Blacksea Odyssey in…

Let’s Play: The Culling

I’m a Running Man having a Battle Royale! I’ve got no time for Hunger Games! In my first ever Let’s Play, I take on the closed alpha build of…
star fox zero

Star Fox Zero Homes In on Release Date

Star Fox Zero releases with not much time to get that bogey off your tail.   In today’s Nintendo Direct, upcoming Wii U Furries-in-Space game Star Fox Zero was given a…
youtube garbage sack

Youtube Garbage Sack: Home for Christmas

Jack is back with a brand new sack, which is very whack. After several weeks without a new garbage sack, I have returned at last with a nice bag…
the deadly tower of monsters

The Deadly Tower of Monsters Trailer Shows Off Beasts

Putting the “special” in Special Effects. The marvelous and genious (albeit utterly fictitious) director Dan Smith is working hard, and making his costuming departments work even harder on the…

Video of the day

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Teaser Trailer

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