‘This War of Mine’ To Get The Tabletop Treatment In 2016

11 Bit Studios’ tense game of survival lands on tabletops in 2016 11 bit studios‘ soul-crushing  game of civilians scraping by amid the the chaos of war, This War…
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Unplugged – Urban Shadows

 Drop the buckets of dice you need to play Dark Urban Fantasy. There’s a vampire on the corner hooking hapless humans on its blood. There’s a demon making deals…
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Book Review – Apocalypse Now Now

School is a difficult time in any youngsters life. Social cliques. Gangs. Peer Pressure. And lots and lots of creature porn. Wait, what? The Setup   School life is…

Unplugged – Firewall (Eclipse Phase)

Firewall: transhumanity’s hidden saviors, fighting existential threats to the species The Eclipse Phase roleplaying game takes place in a future world in which subverted artificial intelligences – the TITANs –…

Planescape Setting Now Available In PDF

While the folks over at have been releasing Dungeons and Dragons materials for some time, they have skirted around one of the product lines originally held by TSR,…
Pokemon XY Primal Clash

Pokemon XY Primal Clash Expansion Goes Primordial

Pokemon XY Primal Clash adds new cards and Primal Reversion to your deck!     In the latest expansion to the Pokemon trading card game, players can now power up their…

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