youtube garbage sack

YouTube Garbage Sack: The Not-Spooky Edition

This week: an awesome gun game, an endless loop, and a song about robotic booty. Now that Halloween is done and Christmas ads will soon be shown everywhere, it’s…
youtube garbage sack

Youtube Garbage Sack: Confusion for a Bruisin’

This week: SFM animations more entertaining than transformers 3, Tommy Wiseau flying a spaceship, a bunch of short videos.   Its Monday! You know what that means kids. Garbage…
batman arkham knight playstation 4

Misadventures in Batman: Arkham Knight Playstation 4 Unboxing

The Batman: Arkham Knight Playstation 4 holds many adventures, and many adventures were had in getting it open. Ladies and gentlebats, it has been a long time since we…
garbage pain

Youtube Garbage Sack: Pain is Painful

This week; a lego FPS, the weirdest FNAF parody you’ve ever seen, and some other abbreviation that doesn’t start with an F. It’s that time of the week again!…
hot pockets E3

Hot Pockets Hosts Special E3 Snapchat

I can’t believe I just wrote that. Hot Pockets, popular manufacturer of cheesy sandwich tube monstrosities, has announced that at E3 this year, they will be hosting a special E3-themed…
absolutely disgusting

Youtube Garbage Sack 02/21/2015: I Am Become Die

This week: Breaking broken games, finding sausage in the buttgrass, and remixing remixes that should never have been remixed. Hey there, interplanes. How have you been? I am fine.…

Video of the day

N.E.R.O: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure Review

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