Commodore 64 Book Details The History of Classic Console

Will you still need me…. When I’m 64?   If you’re my age, your childhood will have been defined by the struggle between N64 and Playstation (with the Saturn…
Disney Platformer Lion King Has Sale On Three Classic Disney-Themed Games

This ain’t no Mickey Mouse deal, that ever-vulnerable lot dedicated to keeping the past alive, have just scored more brownie points with retro lovers by re-releasing three classic…
NES Classic Edition 1

Nintendo Announces NES Classic Edition

Experience retro gaming in all of its splendor once again! Nintendo has announced today that it will soon be releasing a console, but it may not be what you…

Top 5 Graphically Impressive 8-Bit Games

Picking apart the pixels of the 8-bit era’s most gorgeous games   Look at those graphics! I’ve heard those four words strung together countless times throughout my childhood and even…

Metal Slug-inspired Neo Geo Game Kraut Buster Gets 7-Minute Gameplay Trailer

Long awaited Neo Geo shooter showcased in lengthy new trailer, homecart pre-orders open to boost development budget   It’s been a long time since we’ve seen much on Kraut…

Video – Top 10 Sidekicks in Gaming

Number 2 Gets Their Due This is a video version of the original article, which can be found by clicking here.

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