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Hey Poor Podcast Episode 63: No NX at E3, Lest Acronyms Overload

You ever heard a man break down over strange travel circumstances within the first three minutes of a podcast? You have now.   This week on the Hey Poor…
hey poor podcast

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 62: Playstation Neo vs. NX vs. Vaping

Who is the Playstation Neo targeted for? What are the next big games of 2016 we’re looking most forward to? Have I shown you my custom vape pen inside…
hey poor p[odcast

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 61: Daytona Never Dies

Daytona Till Death! Several days late and beyond explanation, Jay, Kevin and Jonathan bring you another goddamn episode of the Hey Poor Podcast. Just enjoy. We promise we’ll be…

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 60: Elegy for a Dead Coleco

A last word on the Coleco Chameleon, and some choice words for reactionary game culture.   Some Super 3D Talking Points: The last breath of the Coleco Chameleon. Baldur’s Gate and…
hey poor podcast

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 59: Slap Your Friends

Get some buddies together and show them how they kicked ass back in your day, in the roaring ’20s!   Some slap-tastic talking points; Slapfriends. Planet Licker. Miitomo. The five games…
hey poor podcast

Hey Poor Podcast Episode 58: NX Versus the World

Feel like playing the new Mario? Time to fire up the ol’ football head. Warning: this podcast contains spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Persona 4 and Xenoblade Chronicles. Be forewarned.…

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