SpiritSphere Preview Banner

SpiritSphere Preview

A little bit of back and forth There are plenty of famous combinations floating around nowadays. Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, the PlayStation Vita and obscure JRPG…

Paul Pixel Review

Paul Pixel can save the world, but not his own game. What can be truly be said about Paul Pixel? Unfortunately not a lot, and what can actually be…
Rogue Stache

Rogue Stache Review

Of All The Roguelikes That Exist, This Is One Of Them Eh. It’s not that Rogue Stache is a terrible game, by any measure. The graphics are nice, everything…
ghost 1.0

Ghost 1.0 Review

I was walking with a ghost. I said please, please don’t insist. Roguelikes are a funny thing. They’re funny because justifying enjoying them can be an act of tricky…

Rise & Shine Lands on Xbox One and PC Tomorrow

Rise & Shine gamers, it’s time to save the world once again! Are you excited for the release of Rise & Shine? If you are, I’ve got some good news…
A Rose in the Twilight

A Rose in the Twilight to Release in April

Dark puzzle-platformer A Rose in the Twilight will be debuting in the Spring NIS America has officially announced that A Rose in the Twilight will be releasing in both North…

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