ghost blade hd

Ghost Blade HD Review

A pointless waste of 20 minutes Believe it or not, complaining about videogames and telling everyone why Half-Life 2 is bad isn’t enough to pay off what we Millenials…


What a beautiful DYSTORIA DYSTORIA makes me nostalgic for a time I wasn’t actually alive to see. Probably the single most common phrase indie games use to describe themselves…
Dragon Quest Heroes II

Dragon Quest Heroes II Explorer’s Edition Available for Pre-Order

Dragon Quest Heroes II Explorer’s Edition to include weapons, costumes, and more Fans may still have to wait just a bit longer for Dragon Quest Heroes II to arrive, but…
bretonnia dlc

Bretonnia DLC Coming Next Week For Total War: Warhammer

The free Bretonnia DLC is here to bring you back the Old World The biggest free DLC so far for Total War: Warhammer arrives next week. This latest ‘free-LC’,…
Princess Maker

Princess Maker Refine Review

When it comes to Princess Maker games, the first is the worst. When the “Refine” edition of Princess Maker 2 came out last October, it inspired a lot of…
Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy Releases Final Fantasy VII Remake Cards

The latest Mobius Final Fantasy update adds new character cards inspired by the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake With the Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration already running at full steam in Mobius…

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