Atelier Shallie Plus Banner

Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea Review

Shallie & Shallie are back! Not too long ago, developer Gust Co. Ltd. began going back through their previous Atelier titles and re-releasing them for the PlayStation Vita. Labeled as Plus…

Paul Pixel Review

Paul Pixel can save the world, but not his own game. What can be truly be said about Paul Pixel? Unfortunately not a lot, and what can actually be…
Rogue Stache

Rogue Stache Review

Of All The Roguelikes That Exist, This Is One Of Them Eh. It’s not that Rogue Stache is a terrible game, by any measure. The graphics are nice, everything…

Why I’m (Begrudgingly) Buying 2 Nintendo Switch Consoles

Empty your wallets. Nintendo has a way of inducing fear into gamers by way of not releasing enough product to meet demand. The NES Classic Edition is a prime…
ghost 1.0

Ghost 1.0 Review

I was walking with a ghost. I said please, please don’t insist. Roguelikes are a funny thing. They’re funny because justifying enjoying them can be an act of tricky…

Persona 5 Gets Stealthy New Dungeon-Crawling Trailer

Check out Persona 5’s updated dungeon-crawling mechanics in the new infiltration trailer. ATLUS today released a new trailer for Persona 5 showcasing the finer points of dungeon crawling. The…

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