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Monster Girl

Play or Pass: Interviews With Monster Girls

A relaxing tale of monsters and their school lives   Welcome to Play or Pass, a new segment to help review and recommend anime at a more consistent pace.…
It Follows

It Follows Movie Review

“Sometimes the allure of a good tale is the simple fact of not knowing everything.” We can all agree that the horror genre is becoming fairly cliched across the…

Suicide Squad Review

An open letter of intervention to the DC/WB Cinematic Universe. It is time, once again, to review movies. Today, we need to get super-serious about something. When you see…

Assassin’s Creed Movie Review

Ubisoft’s star franchise falls flat on its face after a leap of faith into a new medium.   I had low expectations going into this movie, but I still…

Top 7 Last Minute Christmas Movie Gifts

Holy holiday shopping, Batman! Greetings, Movie Buffs, with only a couple days left to shop, you had better be past your making lists and checking them (at least the…

Rogue One Review

I Am One With The Force, The Force Is With Me I know you’re worried about spoilers, so let me give you the bottom line. Rogue One isn’t a…

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