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Kickstarter Watch: Renoir

Renoir challenges players to solve murders through the eyes of their victims.   James Renoir is not having a great day. Living and working as a private investigator in…
combat core

Kickstarter Watch: Combat Core Brings Back the Party Brawl

Combat Core revives 3D arena fighting action, with an alpha out now.   Fighting is pretty great. Some of the most popular game series ever made involve nothing more…

Night Terrors Wants To Put Ghosts In Your House!

Make your house a haunted one   Did you ever feel your house needed a ghost or two in it? Bleeding walls? Any of that sound fun? If so,…
Descent: Underground

Kickstarter Watch: Descent: Underground

Descent: Underground begins a new generation of confined-space combat.     The original Descent emerged from the stars all the way back in 1995, significantly before spaceflight in three glorious dimensions…

Indie RPG CrossCode Hits IndieGoGo, + Demo

Action RPG CrossCode crosses to the crowdfunding scene, with a hearty demo to boot.   Retro-inspired indie action RPG Crosscode has made its way to IndieGoGo, to campaign for…

Seaworthy, a Piratical Roguelike, is on Kickstarter

  Do you like FTL? Do you like Sid Meier’s “Pirates!”? Mildly Competent Games has got you covered, as per their Kickstarter for Seaworthy, a new rogue-like in which you…

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