cod infinite warfare

5 Potential Conflicts For The Next Call Of Duty

Where next for a Call Of Duty? With Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s relatively poor sale performance in early November, Activision announced this week that the series would “return…
press x to don't kiss

6 Things Games Get Wrong About Love

“Press X To Don’t Kiss” may be missing some of the nuance of real relationships Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for appreciating those closest to you. A day…
Pathologic classic

5 Reasons You Need To Play Pathologic

Every Evening The Masks Perform, And Every Night The Blood Is Scrubbed Away You probably didn’t even notice that Pathologic Classic HD went on sale for a ridiculous $3.24 on…
nintendo switch

Top Five Most Exciting Nintendo Switch Games

Say what you will about the Switch; it’s got some awesome looking games   Everyone seems to have an opinion on Nintendo’s home-console/handheld hybrid. Some people love it, some…

Hey Poor Player’s Top 25 Games of 2016

The Top 25 Games of 2016 have been decided. Who will win the coveted crystal joystick? Celebrities all over the world are breathing a collective sigh of relief right…
Grey screenshot

Top 10 Free Source Engine Mods

Still a Source of amusement Good old Source. It’s been around for over a decade and it’s definitely showing its age, but it’s still the engine of choice for…

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