Five Times Konami Screwed Up Their Own Franchises

Yes, they’ve been doing it for years   In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the utter shitstorm that’s recently spread across the Internet like a very angry wildfire,…

Connecting The Pixels: We Happy Few

What Was The Very Bad Thing? Connecting The Pixels is committed to overanalyzing video game stories and lore for the good of mankind, or at least to offer some…
Bit Bash

A Taste of Bit Bash 2016!

A Bit of This a Bash of That     I hadn’t heard of Bit Bash until I moved to Chicago. While it is a smaller event, it still…

Flying Into The Hype With No Man’s Sky

How one of gaming’s brightest stars ultimately became nothing more than a gas giant While we at Hey Poor Player, much like the rest of the gaming press, try…
Top five wrestling games of all time

Top 5 Wrestling Games Of All Time

Just in Time for SummerSlam Ah, pro wrestling. Passing viewers see the sterotypes: skin-tight trunks, rippling muscles, outlandish characters, goofy storylines, and an audience with a lower than average…

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Competitive Battling Thoughts

How to beat ’em all…in theory   With the recent trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon detailing a wide range of new changes and features to the 20 year…

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