The New Atlus PSN Sale Offers A King’s Bounty In Savings on Dragons Crown, Trine 2, and More



Feel like exploring some fantastic, faraway lands on the cheap? Of course you do, and thankfully, Atlus has you covered in their latest Playstation Store sale. This time around the publisher is offering some serious savings on a handful of adventurous fantasy titles, allowing you to take in the wild and imaginative vistas of Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown II (check out our review here), cracking the skulls of man and beast alike while taking comfort in the fact you scored the stellar beat ‘em up for $24.99, far less than a king’s ransom. If a full-fledged fantasy melee isn’t really your thing, you can also gear up for your heroic role of a wizard, a thief, and a knight for some adventurous cooperative play in Frozenbyte’s Trine 2 for the princley sum of just $7.49.

Check out the full list of games and DLC offered in the new Atlus PSN sale below.

Dragon’s Crown
Was $49.99, Now $24.99

Was $39.99, Now $24.99

Storyteller Voice Pack
Was $1.99, Now $1.49

Dragon’s Crown: Into the Labyrinth Theme
Was $1.99, Now $1.49!/en-us/games/themes/dragon’s-crown-into-the-labyrinth-theme/cid=UP0005-NPUB31235_00-DRAGONSCROWNTHM0

The Cursed Crusade
Was $19.99, Now $7.99!/en-us/games/the-cursed-crusade/cid=UP0005-NPUB30683_00-TCCGAMEUS0000000

Trine 2
Was $14.99, Now $7.49!/en-us/games/trine-2/cid=UP0005-NPUB30331_00-PS3ST_TRINE2FULL

Plan on embarking on any of these thrifty adventures? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Still kind of blows my mind how expensive Dragon’s crown is, even on sale still. I dropped $50 on it when it came out, which I felt was too much, even though my friends and I played the absolute shit out of the game. But I recently got a Vita and would love to get DC on it, but the thought of paying another $25 just to play it on Vita is a major turn off. Drop it to $10 and I’m sold.

    • Francis DiPersio /

      It does boggle my mind that Atlus decided not to make Dragon’s Crown a Cross-Buy title. If any game were a candidate for that program I’d figure this wold be the perfect fit. Regardless, it’s still well worth the 25 bucks. It’s a fantastic game, and scoring it for half price if you haven’t already is a no-brainer.

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