Bullet Hell Soars Onto The Dreamcast- NEO XYX Launch Trailer

NG Dev Team’s latest ace flies onto Sega’s Dreamcast next month.



NG Dev Team’s manic Neo Geo shmup, NEO XYX, will be making its way to the Sega Dreamcast next month. To commemorate the occasion, the retro-centric developer has released a new trailer for the game.  The Dreamcast version of NEO XYX features a handful of new enhancements and features such as four screen modes (as opposed to the two featured on SNK’s 16-bit monster), and video running in 60hz.

NEO XYX is available for pre-order on NG Dev Team’s direct sales site for $44.99. You can also learn more about this exciting flight through bullet hell at the game’s official site http://neoxyx.ngdevteam.com/


NG Dev Team is a German independent studio owned and operated by brothers Timm and René Hellwig. The duo have pumped out a handful of exciting games for the Neo Geo and Dreamcast over the years including the Turrican-inspired run and gun Gunlord (check out our review here), and the frantic shoot ‘em ups Last Hope and Fast Striker.

We’re huge fans of retro arcade games and the Neo Geo here at HeyPoorPlayer, and frankly, we can’t wait to strap ourselves in and fly through the waves of bullets NEO XYX throws at us.

Do you plan on picking up NEO XYX? What genre would you like to see NG Dev Team take on next? Let us know in the comments below.



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