Pimp Your Ride- Quantum Rush Racer Customization Preview



Today GameArt Studio shows off another look at their futuristic PC racer, Quantum Rush. In this video, the game’s Lead Developer walks us through some of the ways racers can customize their crafts.

What we see so far is mostly a wide array of skins and custom color schemes, we have to say some of them look fantastic and really bring the game’s high-speed racers to life. While not everything has been implemented yet (the game is still in its closed beta phase, after all), the team plans to implement custom cockpit themes, decals, and the addition of underbelly lights, and the team has ample time to add a few more layers of customization to the vehicles before the game is finished.

For more news on this futuristic racer, as well as the Quantum Rush beta, stop by the game’s official site.


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