AquaPazza- Team Tears To Tiara Gameplay Trailer


Atlus’ gorgeous high-energy slugfest, AquaPazza, will be pummeling its way to the Playstation 3 in less than a week. To kick off the upcoming release Atlus has provided us with the final character video for this over the top fighter. The latest team to be revealed is team Tears to Tiara, an eclectic group of pugilists such as the diminutive priestess, Riannon, who conjures a laser blasting tree to decimate her foes, and multi, the hyperactive cleaning robot who pummels her foes en masse with a legion of broom swinging robo-dopplegangers.

AquaPazza will come out swinging on the Playstation 3 via PSN and retail outlets on November 19th. Dust up your fighting skills and polish up those joysticks, the melee is almost upon us.

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