Kill The Bad Guy- Announcement Trailer

Kill The Bad Guys debut trailer asks “who are the bad guys?”

Who are the Bad Guys? They slink in and out of the seedy underbelly and into our day to day lives without ever being noticed . These former mafiosos, war criminals and other lawless killers think they can escape retribution for their lives of violence and hide like bloodstained chameleons among the rest of the population.

In Kill The Bad Guy, the new indie game from developer Exkee, you will stalk these shadowy ne’er-do-wells and use your cunning to trap and exterminate them with extreme prejudice.

Exkee describes the gameplay as A game defined as a puzzle game where the physics of the elements plays an important role in the constantly renewed experience of the player.”

Exkee will be launching a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign for Kill The Bad Guy in the near future. For now, stop by the game’s official page for all of this gory details on this devilish looking indie game as they emerge.

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