DEUS EX: THE FALL Lite Available Now On iOS


Still haven’t gotten around to exploring the seedy underbelly of Panama as former special forces bad ass Ben Saxon in Deus Ex: The Fall? Well, if you’ve been on the fence about picking up this mobile entry in the critically-acclaimed cyberpunk role playing series, you may be pleased to know that publisher Square Enix is now offering a “lite” version of the game on the iOS App Store.

The lite version offers over an hour of gameplay in The Fall’s opening Moscow segment, where players are tasked with hunting down an alleged terrorist taking shelter in a mafia-run flat in the frostbitten Russian capital of Moscow. During this segment players will be introduced to the game’s core mechanics, which have surprisingly been transplanted mostly intact to smartphones and tablets.

To celebrate the launch of Deus Ex: The Fall Lite Square Enix is now offering 40% off Deus Ex: The Fall for a limited time only.

If the recent release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution- Director’s Cut has you in the mood to venture into the near-future world, stealth killing thugs and solving international conspiracies, give the game a shot by downloading the lite version here.

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