Strider New York Comic Con Media Blowout


Capcom has released more fresh Strider media than you can shake a plasma cypher at in celebration of the upcoming New York Comic Con which opens its doors from October 10-13th. The new NYCC screens and footage show our agile azure assassin Hiryu as he flips, slashes and unleashes his signature brand of ass whooping upon dozens of mechanical monstrosities in familiar looking industrial locales.

The New York Comic Con will mark the first time gamers located exclusively on the East Coast will have their chance to get their hands on a playable build of the game, which is slated for release as a digital download for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in early 2014.

Are you going to the New York Comic Con? If so, be sure to stop by booth #1604 and spend some time with this HD re-imagining of a true arcade classic, and be sure to stop back and share your thoughts on the game here in the comments below.

Also, keep an eye out for other Capcom-themed events like Monster the Hunter 3 Ultimate lounge where you and your fellow hunters can score photo ops and a seating area with charging stations for hunters to easily join up and take on the game’s big nasties together.



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