A Look At Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl’s Classic Mode


Another day, another post about Atlus’ upcoming adventure into the fantastic world of Etria with Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. Up until now we’ve focused mostly on covering the game’s new Story Mode, but what about the enhanced Classic Mode included in this feature-rich epic? In Classic Mode players will experience the same, tried-and-true gameplay full of challenging encounters, deep exploration and challenging dungeons teeming with their own hazards, but players will be able to choose from nine classes out of the gate:


  • Landsknecht – Skilled melee combatants that balance offence and defense
  • Survivalist – Ranged archers with deadly arrow skills
  • Protector – Stalwart defenders that increase survivability
  • Dark Hunter – Specializes in debuffs and status effects to control the beasts of the labryinth
  • Medic – Specialist healers that keep parties alive
  • Alchemist – Elemental damage dealers with a wide range of versatility
  • Troubadour – Use songs and dances to support parties with healing and buffs
  • Ronin – Relentless attackers that are concerned only with dealing damage
  • Hexer – Magical support that uses damaging and debilitating curses

Eager to start your quest before the game hits retail on October 1st? Be sure to download the demo when it lands on the Nintendo eShop on September 16th. You’ll be able to transfer your save from the demo to the full game allowing you to continue your quest right where you left off.

Also, don’t forget to pre-order the game if you haven’t already. The special “Etrian Odyssey Untold, Unseen Unheard,” edition includes an exclusive 7-track audio CD including select music from the game including live and rough versions of the game’s opening theme, composed by Yuzo Koshiro. It also includes an art book, featuring concept and design art, notes, and comics. As with the recent launch of Shin Megami Tensei IV, Etrian Odyssey Untold’s special edition will be released both for pre-orders and as the first retail printing of the game.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl hits both in retail and digital forms on October 1st, for $39.99.

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