Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm Gets Live Action Fan Tribute

A few weeks back we featured indie developer Circle Edge’s upcoming 2D fighter, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm’s indiegogo campaign in our weekly indie writeup. The stunning looking fighter is being crafted by three former SNK employees who worked on the King of Fighters titles in their prime. Mexican multimedia producer and cosplayer Martin Escageda noticed our feature and got in touch with us via email to share with us this live action movie he made for Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, which we thought we’d share with our readers.

Here’s a bit of background on Martin Escageda and how he came to work on the project in his own words:

“I studied Multimedia Production Engineering, and as a hobby I started making Live Action movies based on “The King of Fighters”. Since I loved the Neo-Geo and all SNK games… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJhYPjVWFAc

I found out about the Yatagarasu project on a Facebook post by Orochinagi, saying that former SNK Staff that work on KOF were making the game. So I watched the trailer and I liked what I saw. I donated and then commented on how much I love the KOF series and 2D fighting games in general. I suggested to help out the project making a movie to the Nyu Media representative, Seon King.

I got an email later, telling me how much will it take to make a short film and after exchanging some emails, I got an email telling me that the Dev Team would be happy to get a promotional live action movie, so I started the production.

I downloaded a trial version and started playing the game, A LOT. In my KOF movies, I capture the feeling of the games since I’m a huge fan, I’ve been playing KOF for over 15 years. SO I know the characters moves, their backgrounds, how are they related, why do they fight and everything… But in this new game, I knew nothing.
And with the game being in Japanese only, there’s nothing I could get about their victory quotes… But, Kou and Crow seemed to be rivals, kinda like Ryu and Ken, so I thought about making them fight first… I asked my cosplayer friends that I thought looked like the characters to help me out, and I began planning everything.

It took me about a week to have the script and the costumes done. It was a Monday when we began shooting the Intro of the video. We didn’t finished, it’s really hot here (Northwest Mexico) so we shoot the film at 6:00 pm and finished when it started getting dark. Thing is, the following 5 days it rained.

So we started filming next Saturday afternoon, a little earlier, about 5:00, and Kou’s cosplayer felt bad all of a sudden, she got some dehydration symptoms so we had to stop production. (the weather is REALLY hot out here)

So 3 days later, now with lots of cold water, we shot the rest of the movie. The choreography is not that good, because the lack of time, after 10 shots and still not getting it right, I said “Guys, we need to move on before it gets dark, so I’ll use this takes…”

Kou’s cosplayer is the daughter of a Tang So Do master, she practiced Karate until she turned 20. Bad thing that she stopped training 2 years ago, so now she’s not as fast or flexible… Crow’s cosplayer, have never practice Karate, and it took like 10 takes for him to kick properly XD
Anyway… I do what I can with what I have…

All in all, the Dev Team responded quite positively, they enjoyed the movie and that’s what counts.”

Thanks for the video, Martin, we enjoyed it too! For anyone interested in 2D fighters, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm’s indiegogo campaign is nearly over. With just 11 days left, the team is still about $20,000 shy of their $68,000 goal. Want to help make this epic looking 2D brawler all it can be? Stop by the game’s campaign page and make a pledge! Circle Edge is offering some very cool rewards for people who contribute, and while the company fully intends to finish the game even if they don’t reach their goal, getting the game sooner and with that much extra polish is a serious plus in my book.


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