No Need To Fear The Price of Bundle Star’s Horror Fest Bundle


Today Bundle Stars, the direct-to-consumer social commerce platform which offers unique and exclusive offers on digital downloads, has launched a spine-tingling bundle of horror-adventure titles that offers big scares for a small price.

The Horror Fest bundle includes 3 haunting horror titles including; the eerie haunted house mystery, Scratches: Directors Cut, the surreal gothic horror adventure Vigil: Blood Bitterness, and the dark, demon-filled RPG Avencast: Rise of the Magthat features hundreds of moves, items to loot, and nightmarish bosses to slay.

You can find the bundle here, This bundle is a steal at just one dollar,  offering a 97% savings off the regular price. Anyone looking to get a dose of chilling adventure on the cheap would do well to take advantage of this bundle.

5% of the profits from this bundle will be shared with the charity SpecialEffect, a charity which helps children and adults with severe disabilities to enjoy computer games. You can learn more about SpecialEffect on their official page.

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