Attack on Titan 3DS Game Announced

Attack on 3DS


Those of you who are anime-inclined, or who just frequent the Tumblr circuit, have probably heard of an anime called Attack on Titan. Since it began airing in Japan a few months ago, the show has captured a lot of attention, and for good reason. Telling a story of humanity’s struggle to fight a seemingly futile battle against enormous titanic beings, the show captures a kind of humanity and emotion that few other anime, or TV shows in general, can.

A special insert in the latest volume of the original manga of Attack on Titan has given us a tease into what’s next for the series, in confirming that an Attack on Titan video game is in development. The game is being developed by Chunsoft, and more information and media on it will be available next month. No english release has been announced thus far, but the show’s American fanbase is large enough that we’ll hopefully see the game come out here in the states.

For those unaware of Attack on Titan, each episode thus far released can be found subtitled on Crunchyroll, and I can give it my endorsement as a fan of good anime. Combat in the show relies around special repelling-based gear similar to the way Just Cause 2 played, so imagine that mixed with Shadow of the Colossus-tier enemies to take down. Excited yet? We’ll be updating with more news about the game as soon as it surfaces.

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  1. Melina /

    I honestly believe that the SnK game for the 3DS should be released in America, as well. The fanbase is enormous and the profit from the copies that would be sold here would also rocket sky-high.

  2. Eragrir /

    The game would be awesome to play. Someone just released a walkthrough for the game. Here’s the link:

  3. Ashe /

    I had just starter reading the Manga and watched all of season one, I love it, I would definitely buy it if it ever comes out, I need to expand my types of games in stead of RPG and first person shooters x3

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