Capcom Confirms Street Fighter X All Capcom


Today Capcom Online Games announced the existence of 13 new titles they are working on. While the majority of the games were social, mobile and online titles that treaded familiar territory, a few stood out. One in particular that caught our attention was Street Fighter X All Capcom. It seems those rowdy world warriors are no longer content to beat the stuffing out of 70’s anime characters, comic book superheroes and their rivals at Namco. Now the collective intercontinental breakfast of martial arts masters will be duking it out with the entirety of Capcom’s stable of iconic characters, or so it seems.

Not much else is known about the specifics of this title aside from the fact it’s destined to land on iOS and Android devices. Given the success of Capcom’s other mashup titles, it’s no surprise the publisher has decided to greenlight yet another for mobile devices.

Hopefully this menagerie of legendary characters is given the attention it deserves and isn’t just used as a money grab, (here’s looking at you, Final Fantasy: All the Bravest)

We’ll update you when more details about this universe-spanning title are released.

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