This Iron Soul trailer asks “Who is H25?”

So, who exactly is H25? I don’t really know, but the latest trailer for Blubee’s frenetic platforming shooter, Iron Soul, asks that question. We hope to find out the answer to their query when this Unreal-Powered cybernetic shootout rages across the Mac and Window’s PC platforms this September.

You can find out more about Iron Soul at the game’s official site and follow the title’s development on the Iron Soul Facebook page.

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  1. Rain /

    Not bad but it could use some polish if the vid is any indication.

    • Francis DiPersio /

      There is room for improvement, hopefully developer Blubee can polish the game up in time for its September release.

  2. jack /

    Looking Good

  3. amirhoseinnoroozi /

    It’s called H25, right? Is that a human in suit or some robot?

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