Hot Toys to Release Stunning Metal Gear Solid 3 Figures This Fall



Hot Toys, the Tokyo-based high-end collectible production company, has delivered us another dose of Konami-inspired goodness to come from the halls of the San Diego Comic-Con, this time in the form of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’s The Boss. Snake’s masterful mentor is rendered in an exquisitely detailed 1/6th scale. Sporting the man-portable “Davey Crockett” nuclear missile platform along with her signature white jumpsuit, this super-soldier is ready for action.

The Boss, along with Naked Snake, are both available for pre-order on Hot Toy’s official page. Be warned though, at ¥22,000, (just under $300), you might be better served plunking that chunk of the Philosopher’s Legacy in the bank to start building your own Outer Heaven.

The Boss and Snake figures will be available this October. You can find more images of both figures here.

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