ToyMunkey and Gecco Unveil Horrifying New Silent Hill Figures at Comic-Con



The twisted minds at ToyMunkey Studios and Gecco unveiled some twisted new figures based on the Silent Hill universe at the San Diego Comic Con. The first two figures shown from the series come from the second entry in the survival horror series.  The first toy shown is a ghastly figure of Silent Hill’s resident walking nightmare Pyramid Head doing his ‘business’ with a mannequin. Those who played through Silent Hill 2 likely haven’t scrubbed the freakish scene that serves as the inspiration for this impressively detailed figure from their collective consciousness.

In addition to Pryamid Head, ToyMunkey and Gecco also showed off a ghastly figure of one of the game’s iconic nurses. Wielding a rusty lead pipe and some cirmson stockings, this ghoulish gal is dressed to kill.

Both figures will be available in painted and unpainted variants.

These Comic Con exclusive figures are both available for pre-order. The figures are, as expected, pretty pricey, with Pyramid Head retailing for $150.00. The Nurse figure is a bit cheaper, retailing for $120.00.

ToyMunkey and Gecco will also be releasing figures based on Silent Hill 3. We’ll give you a glimpse of them as more pictures surface from behind the fog.


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