Kickstarter Watch: Unnamed 101


I know what you’re thinking. Normally our resident indie game aficionado Jay is the one who scours Kickstarter for the shining bits of gaming goodness just waiting to be discovered and crowdfunded. Tonight I stumbled across Hail Studios’ Unnamed 101 and couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to share what this unique mobile Steampunk adventure is all about.

Unnamed 101 is a twin stick shooter that puts players in control of a half man, half steam powered bad ass who has lost his identity. Players control this gatling gun toting hero as he explores a rugged Victorian-inspired steampunk landscape, battling all sorts of mechanical monstrosities with a suite of mental and mechanical abilities, along with good old fashioned firepower in his quest to uncover his lost identity.

Inspired by classic point-and-click action titles like Diablo and Torchlight, Unnamed 101 features on overhead perspective as they explore the industrial wastes and arid wilds that stand between you and your lost memories. Combat plays out like a twin stick shooter, which will surely add some twitchy mechanics to the gameplay experience.


One of the most exciting aspects of Unnamed 101 is Hail Studio’s approach towards storytelling. The game utilizes comic book style cutscenese. During these sequences players are given a variety of pages to choose from like a ‘choose your own adventure book’. When players complete the roughly six-hour adventure, they can view the entire comic they’ve created with their choices page by page, or send away for a hardcover version of the comic they’ve created, offering adventurers a way to immortalize their quest for identity.

While a six hour adventure may sound short, the team at Hail Studios justifies this by saying:

“We love games with an engaging story and an expansive world, but we are too busy to sit down and spend a dozens of hours working through a long campaign. We believe we are not alone, which is why in Unnamed 101 we want to create the same sense of fun and immersion as a PC or console action RPG but take advantage of the mobile platform to make the best mobile action RPG to date.”


The funding period for Unnamed 101 just started on the 9th, and the company has 24 days to meet their goal of $40,00. There are a wide variety of rewards players can get for their pledges, from the standard art books and soundtrack CDs to have yourself immortalized in a digitalĀ  Steampunk portrait.

You can stop by Hail Studio’s Kickstarter page for Unnamed 101 here to learn more about the game and make your pledge to make this ambitious action RPG a reality.


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