Hotline Miami Brings Blood, Bats, and Horse Heads to Playstation 3 and Vita Today

Hotline Miami, the award winning, ultraviolent, top down indie action game from Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital is now available on Playstation 3 and Sony Vita. This blood-soaked tour de force through a neon saturated 8-bit rendition of Miami retails for $9.99, and is available as a Cross-Buy purchase, allowing you to get your fix of horse head wearing blood lust at home on the PS3 or take the retro carnage on the go with the Playstation Vita in one convenient package.


For those uninitiated with the blood-splattered world of Hotline Miami, the game is a surreal and frenzied top-down action title with a liberal splash of 80′s pop culture fetishism. Each mission begins with the game’s protagonist awaking in his apartment and listening to his strange and cryptic messages on his answering machine which ultimately become the driving impetus for his mission, which is generally to slaughter every living being at the location you’ve been directed to. After that, the player chooses from an odd selection of animal masks to conceal his identity during the carnage to come, then the hunt is on.

While the game has been available for PC for some time now, Hotline Miami for PS3 and PS Vita offers full trophy and leaderboard support. The game also features a Playstation 3 and Vita exlcusive mask called the Russel The Raging Bull mask, which changes the visuals to black and white with only the red from the blood and the neon from the UI coloring the screen. The Vita version also features touch lock-on aiming, allowing you to single out your mark with a simple poke of the screen.



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