We Sing

We Sing Coming to PS4/Xbox One, Track List Unveiled

The karaoke party is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this holiday season with the release of We Sing! Up until now, We Sing has been a game only…


Naughty Shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace Hits #1 On Steam

Inti Creates’ risque rail shooter hits the bullseye following Steam launch Just one day after uholstering its love gun on Steam, developer Inti Creates’ naughty rail shooter Gal Gun:…

Tekken 7 Jacket

Bandai Namco Unveils $449 Tekken 7-themed Jacket

Fighting meets fashion with the limited edition Tekken 7 jacket In celebration of the upcoming Tekken 7, Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. has officially announced the release of its…


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap First Dev Diary Released

Series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa speaks out on the past and future of Wonder Boy in first developer diary Retro gaming aficionados, rejoice!  Publisher DotEmu and developer Lizardcube today released the…

Skyforge: Ascension Gets Release Date

Skyforge: Ascension Gets Release Date

Allods Team has set a release date for Skyforge: Ascension, and have released a combat trailer for the MMORPG. Developer Allods Team and global publisher have revealed that…


Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Dated, Gets New Screens…

Worlds collide when Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls releases next month Those wanting to dive into Idea Factory’s upcoming Neptunia/Sega mashup won’t have to wait too much longer.…


Retro Review: Magical Chase

A Bewitching Bulletstorm   Retro collecting has become a rather interesting hobby as of late, to say the least. …

Steins;Gate Cover

Steins;Gate Review

Time and time again MAGES.INC’s visual novel Steins;Gate has been through space and time, or at least from console to…


Halcyon-6: Starbase Commander Review

Star Fantasy: The Redshirts of Light   You know what? I’m still not sure. After weeks of considering it,…


Star Crusade Review

This Ain’t Hearthstone: A Video Game Parody It seems that in a post-Hearthstone world, everyone is chasing that money.…


Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Review

Pac to the future Boiled down to its base components, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 hits all the right notes.…


Claire: Extended Cut Review

Open Door Simulator Claire: Extended Cut is best described as a 16-bit, 2D Silent Hill game with hundreds upon…


How DOOM’s Soundtrack Made It A Better Game

DOOM’s Soundtrack Sets The Bar For Videogame Music   The soundtrack for Doom 2016 was released today on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify, and the only official announcement of…

life twice lived

Life is Strange Limits Your Choices and That’s Okay

Life is Strange shows that giving up control can be a good thing.   As games have gotten more and more complex, players and developers alike have become infatuated…

retro gaming

Six Things We Don’t Miss About Retro Gaming

Did you ever consider that the good old days weren’t always perfect?   For those of you who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, those days are pretty…


Hitman Wants Us To Break It

Is Hitman’s gameplay designed to be broken? Hitman is now onto its penultimate episode in what has undoubtedly been a successful first season. With all the talk focused on its episodic release…

ace attorney anime

Everything the Ace Attorney Anime Got Right

HOLD IT! This animated adaptation wasn’t all bad Yesterday marked the end of the Ace Attorney anime; the long-awaited animated adaptation of everyone’s favourite over-the-top courtroom-based videogame series. And if there was…


4 Reasons Why I Am Terrible at Trading Card Games

4 Reasons Why I Am Terrible at Trading Card Games   I love trading card games. I know they are also called collectible card games, but I’m just going…


Ultimate Nintendo Guide To The NES Library Book Review

Pat Contri and friends take on the task of reviewing every NES game   Nintendo’s beloved NES trickled into American retail outlets way back in 1985 alongside the very…


Aliens: The Set Photography Book Review

Titan Books celebrates 30 years of extraterrestrial terror with Aliens: The Set Photography Few horror movies carry quite the legacy as Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece, Alien. However, while Ellen…



A Brilliant Idea Held Back By Its Presentation SMASH+GRAB is a hard game to describe, and not just because…

Infinite Air

Mark McMorris Infinite Air Preview

Calling it “Snow” would have been weird   For lack of a better term,…


Arc: Continuum Preview

Arc of the Covenant or a Continuum of Tedium? Every so often you encounter…


How DOOM’s Soundtrack Made It A Better Game

DOOM’s Soundtrack Sets The Bar For Videogame Music   The soundtrack for Doom 2016 was released today on iTunes,…


Metrico+ Review

A Puzzle Game That Finds Its Angle   I may have the patience of…


Armikrog Review

Does Armikrog’s claymation keep its form or collapse into mush? As a child I…

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